Take up less space at your work station!
We offer several full-featured, economical, simple-to-use and compact countertop EMV terminals to help you better serve your customers.

These terminals have IP connectivity for speedy transaction processing, with dial-up as an alternative. Also, they can be coupled with a PIN Entry Device-compliant consumer facing PIN pad or can be used as an all-in-one solution that can be handed over to your customer.

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ict-250Ingenico iCT250 | This integrated, all-in-one terminal features everything you need to easily and rapidly process payments. With contactless payment capabilities and compact hand-held design, it accepts all payment types – including NFC/contactless, EMV, and magstripe. This smart terminal is ready for EMV chip cards to protect you and your customers from fraud. Unrestricted by any other POS limitations because it operates with or without a cash register or POS system interface.

blue-security  red-contactless   red-smartcard  turquoise-magstripe



Ingenico-iCT220 | This terminal is easy to read with a black and white screen for crisp visual clarity and features everything you need to easily and rapidly process payments. And paired with the iPP320, you can even accept both EMV chip card and contactless payments.





VeriFone Vx520 | This all-in-one secure device features a user-friendly ATM-style interface and supports a full range of payment types, including credit, PIN debit, EBT and gift cards. And it’s ready for Smart/EMV Chip Cards, to better protect you and your customers from counterfeit cards and fraud. It can be paired with the VX820 pin pad for an additional layer of cardholder validation and to use as a handover solution.


Consumer Facing Pin Pads
You can package these with specified terminals for a handover solution that can provide an additional layer of cardholder validation for you and your customers.


  • The latest security standards for PIN-based transactions
  • EMV acceptance
  • Magnetic stripe card support
  • Contactless payment capabilities providing your customers a convenient way to pay with cards, key fobs or mobile wallets
  • Illuminated backlit keypad resulting in fewer customer input errors



Ingenico iPP320 |
This pin pad is compatible with Ingenico iCT250 and Ingenico iCT220.



Verifone VX820 | 
This pin pad is compatible with Verifone VX520.