PPS is proud to announce programs using your favorite Charity / Non-Profit organizations that will help you and the organization make money!

1. Discounted Merchant Service Rates for All Charity / Non-Profit Organizations

Inform any Charity/Non-Profits you know that PPS offers amazing rates, and that their transition to PPS is guaranteed to be Quick, Easy, Seamless and Fulfilling.

2. Support your favorite Charity/Non-Profit by creating “Donate Now” Button on your website
  • Every time one of your customers pays you with a credit card, a percentage of all credit card processing fees are put aside for your favorite charity.
  • Keep in mind that you are already paying credit card processing fees, so this does not come out of your pocket.  In fact we will even reduce the fees that you are currently paying when signing with PPS.
  • Add a “Donate Now” button to your website to show your customers that you support a charity.
  • No cost to you – In fact, we’ll save you money on your merchant account with PPS.
3. Charity / Non-Profit Referral Program
  • PPS has designed a revolutionary way for you to earn some extra money and for Charity/Non-Profit organizations you know to earn some too.
  • We will custom design for you flyers, emails and scripts so that the Charity/Non-Profit organization can solicit their own donor list to open merchant accounts with PPS.
  • We will save money for each merchant who signs with PPS and pay a percentage of the profits generated monthly to the Charity/Non-Profit organization directly.
Quick, Easy & Seamless
  • Fill out the information below
  • A PPS associate will contact you within 24 hours to collect necessary info and answer any questions you have.
  • We will send you the application to sign, you send it back and your job is done!